Flexoprinting is a method of convex printing with elastic printed moulds (polymers) and quickly drying dyes.
We make imprints on satin, polyester, cotton, rep, nylon, Tyvek and organzine tapes.
The colours of imprints are selected according to Pantone or CMYK -6 colours (one side)+ 2 colours(the other side)
The width of materials to be printed- from 10mm to 100 mm.
Maximum length of imprint (repeat)- 155mm, 234mm, 304 mm.
Minimum order: 400 linear meters (up to two colours of imprint)
Special dyes that we use guarantee durability of the imprint during dry-cleaning or washing in very high temperature. We also offer the possibility of cutting and pressing the labels in several different ways.


Eveline - Imprints on ribbons and tapes
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